Check-in for the event opens from 8:30am on the 21st and 22nd June. Sessions will begin from 9:30am.

Registration including badge collection will take place on the 1st floor adjacent to the exhibition floor. It will be clearly sign posted.

This year we are operating a self service check-in procedure, so it is important that you have your ticket available. Please ensure you have your digital ticket, either as an e-mail or visible on the mobile app in preparation.

To check-in, walk up to the kiosks and follow the instructions. The kiosk will ask you to show your ticket QR code to the camera. On successful validation of your ticket, your badge will be printed.

If you need to download the mobile app, you can do so here

Download the Mobile App

To access your ticket, build your agenda and connect with your fellow attendees, we recommend that you download the official conference app for FREE

You do not need to check-in both days. Once you have your badge, please ensure you wear it at all times at the venue.

Entrance Policy

Entry is restricted to attendees with a valid ticket only. Online or Free tickets are not valid in-person. Anyone attending without a valid ticket will be asked to purchase on at registration.


Please note that there are no cloaking facilities at the venue. Please travel as light as possible and ensure you keep your belongings with you at all times.

Check-in Close

Check-in will remain open from 8:30am to 3pm on the 21st June and from 8:30am until 11am on the 22nd June.

Is there any Social Distancing at the Event?

Unless required by law, there will be no social distancing enforced by the event. There will be ample space to self distance if you feel the need to.

Is there mask wearing at the Event?

Currently, it is a legal requirement to wear a mask when walking around and sitting down in the venue without eating. If this law is relaxed by UK Government, the event will also relax these rules to conform with law.

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