We are delighted that you are considering sponsoring Commsverse. Let us tell you a little more about who we are and what Commsverse is.

Commsverse is an independent Microsoft Teams conference, organised by current and former Microsoft MVPs who have years of technical expertise in Microsoft UC and Collaboration technologies. Our names are Mark, Randy & Martin. We decided to organise a dedicated Microsoft Teams conference because being techies, we love the technology, and love understanding how it is made, what it can do and most importantly, how our customers can benefit from adopting it. Our search for a conference that offers real world knowledge and the opportunity to talk to partners who have Microsoft Teams integration solutions drew a blank. So Commsverse was born, to be that conference that has it all!

Commsverse is very much a passion generated conference. Each of us have our normal day jobs as Teams consultants and architects. In our spare time, and bits of time in-between things, we dedicate to organising Commsverse. We do not take a salary or any money out of Commsverse. We have our day jobs that sustain us. We organise Commsverse, for the benefit of others, the community, the sponsors and we get a real buzz and sense of achievement from it.

We are independent, meaning that we ourselves can architect the conference to suit the real world. We are not controlled by Microsoft or other body, which means our motive for putting this event on is pure and free from our own commercial agenda. This puts our sponsors firmly front and centre to our attendees and wider audience.

Our aim for Commsverse is to put on an event that offers real value to attendee’s career, knowledge and promote connection and discussion between them and our sponsors so that you get the best leads you can out of an event like this.

The Commsverse product consists of three principles

  1. Learning
  2. Connectivity
  3. Hospitality


By coming to Commsverse, attendees will benefit from over 40 breakout sessions covering all elements of Teams, from Voice, Video, Collaboration, Teamwork, Adoption, Administrations, Automation and Productivity. They will gain this through creating their own personalised agenda using our session builder and attend breakout sessions being delivered by expert speakers from MVPs, Microsoft, and the wider community who have real world, authoritarian knowledge of their speaking topic. Our learning tracks have been designed to offer second to none value to our attendees.


A huge element of Commsverse is to connect attendees with our amazing sponsors and promoting deep conversations that will lead to a future partnership. Our strategy to enable this is quite unique in the conference arena and involves multiple subconscious and smart indicators that will ensure our attendees naturally gravitate to your stand. One of the benefits of Commsverse to attendees and sponsors is that be purposely keep it small and compact. This allows our sponsors to spend more time with our attendees to really understand their requirements and opportunities which will hopefully benefit you more. The number 1 feedback we receive from people who attend large expo style conferences is that they don’t get to speak to the person they wanted to see the most, or if they do they wished they had more time. Well, at Commsverse, we give you and them that time.


Part of the enjoyment of a conference is having everything you need so that you can concentrate on your opportunities. Our event is fully catered from breakfast to dinner and everything in between, for our sponsors and attendees. Being a 2 day event gives us an unique opportunity to extend interaction time between attendees and sponsors by arranging an event party at the end of Day 1. This party is more than just beer and a burger. We organises fun activities in the venue that promote team building and allow our sponsors and attendees to come together and have some fun. This is a unique opportunity to build on those relationships nurtured on the exhibition floor and to make sure people remember you. We have over 11 hours of dedicated interaction time planned into our schedule.

If you are still interested in sponsoring Commsverse, GREAT! If you wouldn’t mind filling out our short form below. When we receive it, we will send you our brochure for your consideration. We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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