We are delighted to offer in conjunction with our Sponsors, Hands on Labs at Commsverse. If you are looking to get hands on experience with some of the technology, then these labs may be for you!

You’ll need to bring your own laptop to use with these labs. All content & lab connectivity will be delivered digitally.

29th April 10:30am – 13:30 – Direct Routing with AudioCodes

If you are about to deploy Direct Routing with Teams and want hands on, practical experience in knowing what to expect and how to do it, then AudioCodes’ John Stewart-Murray will take you through step by step. By the end of this lab, you’ll be able to deploy your own SBC with Direct Routing.

29th April 14:00 – 17:40 – Meeting Room Device Deployment and Hands on with the Crestron Flex with Crestron

Teams Meeting Rooms are all the rage these days, but you rarely get your hands on them until you purchase them. In this lab delivered by Crestron, you’ll get hands on experience with their Flex series MTR and all the information you need to successfully deploy and manage them in your business.

This is a one hour lab. Crestron will be running 3 sessions as per the following timetable

  • Session 1 14:00 – 15:00
  • Session 2 15:10 – 16:10
  • Session 3 16:40 – 17:40

30th April 09:00 – 12:00 – Cloud Video Interop with Pexip

If you have a lot of legacy video devices in your business that is preventing you moving to Teams and have been looking at Cloud Video Interop as a potential solution, then this lab might be for you. Get hands on experience with Pexip’s Infinity Cloud platform and learn how to integrate your legacy video devices with Microsoft Teams.

30th April 13:00 – 16:00 – TBC