Message to Speakers

We want to thank you for submitting your sessions in our public call for content for this year’s Commsverse. We had an exceptional response to our call for content with 166 proposed in-person sessions submitted and only 43 sessions available. Competition was the most intense we have ever experienced across all our tracks. We would like to congratulate you all on the quality of your sessions. It made our lives a lot harder than we thought!

Commsverse is not a huge conference, we focus on delivering exceptional content and experiences to our delegates and give them an opportunity to follow all the content that is important to them. Our total agenda for 2022 comprises of 60 sessions with 17 sessions reserved for sponsor content, the 43 remaining slots (72%) being offered to the community to maintain our commitment to grass roots, unbiased and experience driven content.

With that, there will inevitably be some casualties. With 166 sessions submitted by 73 different speakers we could not fit them all in. Our budget for this year allows for 41 unique speakers, so there are only 2 out of 41 speakers selected with more than 1 session.

Out of the 41 speakers offered a place, 24 (56%) of them are International Speakers from Europe, United States of America and Canada. The remaining 17 (44%) Speakers are based in the United Kingdom. This continues to demonstrate our commitment to community content first before profit.

Our agenda this year is a little different from previous years. We have moved our sponsor content from being delivered independent to community sessions during lunch / break times into the main session delivery times shared with community sessions. We have increased these sessions from 15-minutes to 25-minutes to normalise the agenda between sponsored content and community. Due to venue location and travel we have delayed the start of the content by 30 minutes each day. Instead of 9am start, we are starting at 9:30am. We’re also finishing slightly earlier at 5pm on day 1 as opposed to 6pm in 2021. The result of this means that there is less time during the conference to deliver content. To compensate, we adjusted the agenda to shorten some breaks, but also introduce some community session durations to 25-minutes as well as 45-minutes. This adjustment meant that we can still deliver 60 content rich sessions over two days, the same number we achieved in 2021.



29 & 30th June 2022 | 08:00am – 18:00 | Live In-Person

As a result of this agenda change, it meant that some content tracks have agenda spaces for both 25 and 45 minute sessions. Tracks where we believed content could be delivered in both 25 & 45 minute sessions are: Strategy & User Adoption, Calling & Contact Centre and Meetings & Collaboration. Extend & Automate and Deploy & Operate tracks are 45 minute only sessions as we believe these topics generally require more time to be of value to the audience.

How this broke down in terms of agenda availability is as follows

TrackDurationAvailable SpacesSubmitted Sessions
Strategy & User Adoption25-mins513
Strategy & User Adoption45-mins433
Meetings & Collaboration25-mins520
Meetings & Collaboration45-mins520
Calling & Contact Centre25-mins34
Calling & Contact Centre45-mins410
Extend & Automate45-mins733
Deploy & Operate45-mins1033

As you can see there was some serious competition for spaces within the categories and durations. However, the agenda is laid out so that no community content within the same track is being presented at the same time. This means that should attendees wish to follow an entire track from beginning to end they can without missing a session within that track.

For those who are unsuccessful this year we wanted to apologise to you that we could not select your session. Our primary goal was to create a diverse agenda with content that had very little to no overlap with any other session to provide maximum value to our attendees and also to you, our Speakers. Our decision is based on content diversity rather than the name of the Speaker and even though we consider you friends, we could not let that influence our decision making.

This call for content has highlighted a few areas for us to improve our offering to Speakers too. It is clear from the submissions we have received that the demand to speak at our event is huge. Therefore, for 2023 we will be looking to increase the number of sessions available by possibly moving venues. We hope that if you are unsuccessful this year that this does not deter you from submitting again in 2023.

For those who have been accepted as a Speaker, congratulations! we are looking forward to meeting you and watching you deliver your session. Shortly you will receive an offer letter with your chance to accept your place.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this community call for content and thank you for continuing to support Commsverse!

Mark, Randy, Martin & Philippa



29 & 30th June 2022 | 08:00am - 18:00 | Live In-Person



29 & 30th June 2022 | 08:00am - 18:00 | Live In-Person

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