Learning Curriculum

There are four learning tracks for Commsverse 2020. Each track will consist of 10 sessions, 5 sessions each day. Each track will follow a common subject that relates to a core Microsoft Teams offering.

The four tracks are:

  • Communications
  • Collaboration
  • Administration
  • Automation

Content for each track will be chosen based on its alignment with one of these tracks. To help you decide which track you’d like to submit for, please use the following table as a reference:

Communications ·      Microsoft PSTN Calling

·      Direct Routing

·      Migration

·      Coexistence

·      Integration with legacy PBXs

·      Contact Center

Collaboration ·      Document Security

·      Teamwork

·      External Collaboration

·      Teams Meeting Rooms

·      Teams Meetings

·      Cloud Video Interop

Administration ·      Tenant Administration

·      MACD Processes

·      Analytics

·      Network Best Practices

·      Adoption

·      Compliance

Automation ·      Bots

·      Teams Apps

·      Business process automation

·      Microsoft Flow

·      Azure Runbooks

·      Provisioning

·      Accounting


This is not an extensive list of topics. If you have a session on a topic outside the suggested subjects, please choose the most relevant track for your session.

Session Difficulty

We welcome sessions of any technical difficulty. We follow the standard Microsoft difficulty scaling as follows:

  • Level 100 – These sessions are aimed at people looking to get high level, basic information about a topic. The audience may or may not have previous experience.
  • Level 200 – These sessions are aimed at people with some basic understanding of the topic and looking to get a little more knowledge in the area. The audience will probably have some background in this topic.
  • Level 300 – These sessions are aimed at people with intermediate, working knowledge of the topic and looking to seek clarification and opportunities to advance their skills. This audience will have at least 6 months practical experience in the subject.
  • Level 400 – These sessions are advanced, highly technical, under the bonnet sessions and delivered to expert level. This audience will have multi-year experience in the topic.

It is important when classifying your session that you choose the correct difficulty level. To high, your audience will be lost, too low and your audience will be disappointed.

If you are unsure about what level your session should be graded as, please email us and we can help you.

Session Submissions

When submitting, please be as concise as possible in each session synopsis. In this section you want to tell attendees why they should come to your session and what they will take away from your session.

Session Duration

Each session’s duration is 60 minutes. You should plan for 50 minutes of content and 10 minutes of question time. There is a 10-minute turnaround time between sessions to allow movement between session rooms. This will ensure that each session will start on time.

Session Submission Limit

You are able to submit up to 3 sessions in total. This does not mean that you are guaranteed to have any sessions accepted, but by submitting more than 1 will increase your chances.

Room & Session Allocation

If selected your session will be entered into our conference schedule. The placement of your session may depend on other sessions taking place. We will try and ensure that any sessions that complement each other are scheduled apart.

Our session rooms vary in size as follows:

  • Moss and Campbell – 120 people seated
  • S-Class Suite – 80 people seated
  • Cinema – 88 people seated
  • Brooklands– 350 people seated

On our event app, attendees can create their own agenda. When they add your session to their agenda a seat will be reserved in the system. We will allocate a room to your session based on its popularity with our attendees. We are inviting 350 attendees in total and our rooms can take 328 people seated. Therefore, we anticipate that your session will be full.

Selection Process

We adopt an unbiased selection process for sessions. Sessions are chosen based on their strength and relevance to our curriculum and the technology landscape at the time.

Once submitted, your submissions will be entered into an anonymous ballot where two of our organisers will choose each session. These organisers will not have any previous knowledge or access to submissions and will be judging based on title and synopsis alone.

This way we help to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and has the same chance of being selected.

Selection Outcome

All speakers will be notified by email at the same time on Jan 31st2020of the outcome. Following selection, you will be invited to create your speaker profile on our event platform. You will need:

  • Profile Picture
  • Description of yourself and expertise

For those who were not successful, you are of course welcome to attend as an attendee.


Commsverse is a community conference funded by the generosity of our sponsors and a little help from attendees. Although we are not established as a non-profit organisation, we do not make any money personally from our events. All funds are invested into our events to make them as great as possible. We organise this event for the enjoyment and benefit of the community.

Therefore, we do not offer payment for your services. We invite community speakers who are willing to donate their time and expertise to help make Commsverse great!

Travel Expenses

We recognise that coming to an event can be an expensive investment for you. We have crunched the numbers and although we may not be able to cover everything, we hope the below will help you.

  • We will cover your hotel stay for 2 nights on the 28th and 29th April at The Brooklands Hotel opposite the venue. This will be room only, single occupancy. Breakfast will be available at the Conference venue from 7:30am.
  • For European Speakers we will contribute up to £250 towards your travel cost
  • For Non-European Speakers we will contribute up to £500 towards your travel cost
  • For UK Speakers, we will cover your return rail fare (limited to pre-booked, advance tickets & standard class only)

Ticket Purchases

If you are selected as a speaker, you do not need to purchase an attendee ticket. If you’re planning to speak, please wait until Feb 1stto purchase your ticket as we are unable to process ticket refunds due to the transaction costs involved.

Submit Your Sessions