UC Community Golf Day

Wednesday 24th May 2023
The Oxfordshire

18 Holes

18 holes on the championship course at The Oxfordshire


Individual and Team based competitions with prizes for the top 3 places and longest drive & nearest the pin

Breakfast & Dinner

Bacon roll with Tea & Coffee on arrival. 3 course meal followed by presentation

UC Community Golf Day

Welcome to the inaugural UC Community Golf Day 2023. We welcome Golfers of all abilities who have a keen interest in Unified Communications to join us for a day of fun with like minded people.

£130.00 per person

Book Your Place

Spaces are limited to a maximum of 36, so secure your place now to avoid disappointment. This is an unsponsored event. It is purely arranged for the enjoyment of those who would like to join us and make new friends. Entrance fee includes prize fund donation.
Prize fund value £1,000


Please find some information about the Golf Day below.

Competition Rules

  • All competitions are full handicap and based on the course index and slope rating
  • If you do not have a handicap you will be issued a maximum handicap of 18
  • For non-handicap golfers, the maximum number of points per round will be capped at 43 points. The lowest score will be capped at 27 points.
  • Playing groups and team memberships will be drawn on the day. The draw will be done to ensure a balance of abilities throughout each team and group.
  • Full R&A rules will be enforced



Payment is made using Stripe and will be facilitated through Commsverse Ltd as the booking agent. The cost of your booking is made up of £95.00 made to The Oxfordshire for the Green Fee and Hospitality package. £2.00 Stripe transaction fee, £7.00 drink package and £26.00 towards the prize fund.

Bookings made online are covered under the distance selling regulations which entitle you to a refund within 14 days of purchase. Cancellation of your booking after this period cannot be refunded unless your place can be onward sold.

The player draw will take place at 10:30am in the clubhouse. Each playing group will consist of 4 players. The groups will contain mixed abilities. Teams will be made up of individuals who are not playing in the same group.

We want the Golf Day to be fun and enjoyable for all golfers regardless of their ability. The golf day is open to both club handicap golfers and non-handicap golfers.

To ensure fair play and to give everyone an equal chance of winning without ‘fixing’, we will enforce the below handicap policy:

  • If you hold a club handicap, you must use your current handicap and calculate your course handicap using the slope and course rating for the tees played from.
  • If you do not have an official handicap and you have no idea on your approx ability, you will play off an handicap index of 18.0 which will be adjusted to the course handicap
  • To balance the field and to limit the bandit influence, the maximum number of stableford points a non-handicap golfer can earn over 18 holes will be capped to 43 points (-7 under rated handicap).
  • To protect golfers where the handicap of 18 is beyond their ability, the lowest number of points that can be scored is 27 points or (+9 over rated handicap).
  • For handicapped golfers, the upper limit will not apply. However, the lower limit will.
  • Full rules of golf will be followed at all times.


We hope this will provide a fair and fun competition for all to enjoy.

The individual stableford competition will be played off full course handicap. Everyone will compete in the same division. The golfer with the most points overall will be the winner.

Where there is a tie, the winner will be decided by countback on the back 9, 6, 3 and 1.

Should there be a tie involving non-handicap golfers that exceeded the 43 point cap, for every point in excess of 43, these will be deducted from holes in order of stroke index (easiest to hardest). Then a count back performed.

For example, if a golfer shoots 47 points, 47-43 = 4 points. A point from each of the holes with stroke indexes 18, 17, 16 and 15 will be deducted prior to the countback.

A Team will consist of 4 golfers. The members of the same team will not play in the same group. At the end of the rounds, the team’s scorecards will be collected and the best point score on each hole will count. The team with the best overall score will win.

For non handicap golfers who exceed the 43 point cap, the scores will be adjusted to deduct points from the easiest holes based on stroke index before calculating the ‘better’ score. For example, if a non-handicap golfer shoots 47 points, a point will be deducted from their score on holes with stroke index 18, 17,16 and 15.

Where a golfer scores less that 27 points, a one point will be added to each hole’s score based on its difficulty using its stroke index. For example, if a player scores 25 points, a point will be added to their score on holes with stroke index 1 and 2.

In the event of a tie, a countback will be performed on the best back 9, 6, 3 and 1.

Best gross will go to the golfer who scores the lowest round of the day before handicap deductions. Scores on every hole must be returned. No Gimmie putts allowed.

Longest drive will be awarded to the golfer who hits the longest drive on the nominated hole. The ball must finish on the fairway of the hole. Provisional or penalty tee shots will not count. Only your first shot on the hole will.

Nearest the Pin will hosted on a Par 3. To qualify for nearest the pin, your shot must be from the tee and be your first shot. Provisional or penalty tee shots are not counted.

The Oxfordshire is a members club and therefore have strict rules on what is appropriate golfing attire. No jeans, denim, crew neck t-shirts or untailored shorts above the knee are permitted. No clothing with large logos or football shirts. You must wear golf shoes on the course with soft spikes. No metal spikes allowed. No trainers on the course or in the clubhouse.

For the meal and presentation it is acceptable to wear your golfing attire. We do not require formal dress for the meal or presentation.

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