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A conference focused on

Microsoft Teams & The AI Enabled Workplace

26-27 June 2024
Mercedes-Benz World, UK

We invite you to the only dedicated Microsoft Teams conference in the UK and Europe.


Welcome to Commsverse

Commsverse is a dedicated Microsoft Teams community conference. We are ultra focussed on improving the use of Microsoft Teams technologies within the workplace. 

Our session based content is sourced from the world’s most talented experts who volunteer to share their experience with you.

You will also have access to all the certified Microsoft Teams hardware and software vendors in the marketplace and get hands-on experience with the latest products and solutions on offer in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

Media Partners

We’re pleased to be supported by 2 of the industry’s respected and trustworthy media publishers.

Why attend Commsverse?

Network with Industry Experts

Network with like-minded industry experts, trade knowledge born out of real world experiences in a friendly, unpressurised environment

Attend World Class Sessions

With 70 sessions to choose from, Commsverse gives you access to the best real world content available anywhere

Community Speakers

Our community speakers volunteer their time and working knowledge ensuring our sessions are technology focused and not sales pitches

Microsoft Teams Only Exhibition Floor

All our exhibitors are laser focused on Microsoft Teams and will be presenting their latest hardware and software solutions for you to demo

Food and Drinks are included

Learning is hungry work, so we make sure your energy levels remain topped up by including unlimited breakfast, lunch and snacks with every ticket

Most Of All,
Have Fun!

Commsverse is about breaking down barriers and enabling you to unwind in a safe and familiar environment with people that 'get you'. You'll have so much fun!


All ticket proceeds are invested into the event to provide an unrivalled attendee experience you’ll not find anywhere else. We run Commsverse with a not-for-profit ethos and put you, the attendee at the centre of event.

Full Conference Pass

For those who want to attend
both days
£ 75
  • Entry to both days
  • All session access
  • Food and Drinks
  • Access to Exhibition
  • Event Social Party
  • Giveaways and Prizes

Day 1 Only Pass

For those who want to attend just one day
£ 55
  • Valid 26th June Only
  • All session access
  • Food and Drinks
  • Access to Exhibition
  • Event Social Party
  • Giveaways and Prizes

Day 2 Only Pass

For those who want to attend just one day
£ 45
  • Valid 27th June Only
  • All session access
  • Food and Drinks
  • Access to Exhibition

Full Conference
Team Pass

up to 5 team members
£ 330
  • Entry to both days
  • All session access
  • Food and Drinks
  • Access to Exhibition
  • Event Social Party
  • Giveaways and Prizes


Our speakers travel from all over the world to deliver the best Microsoft Teams focussed content available. We don’t pay our community speakers. Not only do they volunteer their time and expertise but they also fund their own travel in order to share their working knowledge of Microsoft Teams with you. This ensures our content is authentic and based solely on the technology topic.

Speaking at Commsverse
Call for Content

Our call for content is open until February 14th 2024. 

We welcome community speakers who have real world, practical hands-on experience in their chosen technical or business field to submit. You do not have to be a seasoned speaker. We welcome new talent every year. 

Commsverse is an apolitical and equal opportunities event. Sessions are chosen on the strength of the content and not the name or gender of the speaker. We promote a safe and inclusive environment for like-minded people to share their experience with each other. Free of bullying, harrassment or social degradation.

The Commsverse Team Picture

We are (from the left) Martin Boam, Randy Chapman, Mark Vale and Philippa Digby and we are the organising team here at Commsverse. Our passion for building strong communities and friendships between like-minded people drives us make Commsverse better each year.

Martin works as an Architect at Microsoft, Randy is a Presales Specialist at Logitech, Mark is the Chief Product Officer at Callroute and Philippa is the Marketing Manager, also of Callroute.  We use our industry experience in Microsoft Teams and devote our spare time into organising Commsverse into the best Teams focussed conference we can possibly achieve. Our companies do not pay us for this effort and we take no salary from the event. All proceeds through sponsorship and ticket sales is invested into the event.

We wanted to create a technology first event for technologists to share and learn from each others experiences. Ultra-focussed on improving working knowledge of Microsoft Teams that will benefit organisations of any size. Commsverse, is not your average conference. Being niche and small means that we can and do go above and beyond to ensure all your needs are taken care of. We like to think of Commsverse as an experience for everyone and a place that Microsoft Teams enthusiasts can network with the entire community.

This year we are partnering with the Viva Explorers to deliver our dedicated Microsoft Viva track. 

Zoe Wilson

Sara Fennah

Kevin McDonnell

Lesley Crook

Sharon Sumner

The Viva Explorers are a global group of Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors, who are all passionate about the potential that Microsoft Viva has to improve the employee experience.
Growing out of an initial conversation between some of the original explorers back at Commsverse in 2021, the Viva Explorers were formally launched at the start of 2022 with the first 12 members, and have now grown globally to more than 60 people. We draw on our diverse backgrounds, experiences and knowledge, to share the why, the what and the how of Microsoft Viva. We have a shared mission to evangelise, educate and share real-life examples of how Microsoft Viva can benefit organisations – with it being such a new product, we work together to ensure that we are better able to amplify content about Viva across global events and content platforms.
We help each other stay up to date with a rapidly evolving and maturing platform, we educate customers and community members on the art of the possible with Microsoft Viva, and we work closely with the Microsoft Viva product teams, to share feedback, views and learnings, to help improve the product.
This includes getting involved with events like Commsverse, where the Viva Explorers have supported the Commsverse organising team, reviewing content for the Microsoft Viva track and selecting a really great schedule of Viva sessions for you all to enjoy. Led by Zoe Wilson, the reviewing team also included Sara Fennah, Kevin McDonnell, Lesley Crook and Sharon Sumner. We reviewed and scored the Viva sessions anonymously, to ensure that we were giving speakers who are not already part of the Viva Explorers an equal opportunity to share their own unique perspective of Microsoft Viva.
You can find out more about the Viva Explorers over at our website –

Where & When

Opening Hours
26th June – 8:30am until 6:30pm
27th June – 8:30am until 3:00pm

Sessions begin at 9:30am on both days

Free Parking On Site
Nearest Rail Station: Weybridge 1 mile
Nearest Airport: Heathrow

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