About Us

We are organised by people with a passion for connecting people

Our Mission

To provide real value to the Microsoft Teams technical community by sourcing the best grass-roots, real world content combined with the industry leading vendors to extend knowledge and connections that will help and empower people achieve more.

Meet the Team

Commsverse Organising Team

We are a small team of 4 people. Mark Vale, Randy Chapman, Martin Boam and Philippa Digby.

Mark, Randy & Martin spend their day jobs helping customers deploy and operate Microsoft Teams at different Microsoft Partners and Customers. Philippa is a School leaver who we employ on a part time basis to help with our social promotion and other marketing needs.

Mark heads up the conference logistics and vendor relationships while Randy is responsible for content and Martin is head of attendee experience.

Commsverse is a place for like-minded people to gather and share their experiences without fear of prejudice or discrimination. At our event no one is treated superior to another.

We believe that true equality is people accepting people and to be afforded the same level of courtesy. We may not publicly talk about it, but we work hard to nurture a positive and equal environment for everyone to feel safe and welcome.

Principles & Ethos

Community Support

Over the years we have been very fortunate to be supported by the amazing Microsoft Teams community. It’s impossible to recognise them all. However, a special thank you to those who have blogged about us and also to those invited us on their podcasts and shows to help spread the word. We want to return the favour by recognising those who have been exceptional.

Tom Morgan MVP
Office 365 Distilled Podcast
Grey Hat Beard Podcast
Practical 365 Podcast
Cloud Conversations with Ru and Pete
Cloud Conversations Podcast


We are grateful and blessed to be supported by awesome volunteers who helped make our event a success!

Will Rowe
Will Rowe
Shaun Olsen
Eric Truax Microsoft
Eric Truax
Ruben Nauwelars Microsoft
Ruben Nauwelars
Cedric Depaepe Microsoft
Cedric Depaepe
Michael Tressler Microsoft
Michael Tressler
Stephane Vollet Microsoft
Stephane Vollet
Betina Simeonova Microsoft
Betina Simeonova
Alev Tamer Microsoft
Alev Tamer
Tony Woodruff Microsoft
Tony Woodruff
Mariusz Ostrowski Microsoft
Mariusz Ostrowski

Would you like to help us with our next event?

How we

Although Commsverse is set up as a Limited Company, we operate on the basis of not making a profit. When we set an event, the costs to sponsors and attendees are calculated to cover the entire event with a small margin to secure a deposit on the following years event.

While our incredible sponsors subsidise the majority of the event, we believe that by asking attendees for a reasonable fee to attend not only helps improve the things we can offer them but also ensures that people who attend have a common reason to be there.

We are a Microsoft Teams dedicated technology conference. All our sessions have a strong Teams focus that are aimed at a wide range of technology focussed people.

We aim to appeal to technical managers, strategic architects and IT professionals who are either looking to deploy, improve or support Microsoft Teams for their own organisation and / or customers.

To support our attendee demographic, we look towards attracting Vendors and Partners with a product who are looking to extend their partner and customer relationships

Focus & Demographic


Our event is niche and whilst smaller than other wider focussed conferences, we focus on attendee quality. You can be guaranteed that 100% of the attendees at Commsverse are only interested in Microsoft Teams.







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