Why Attend Commsverse?

Everyone who attends Commsverse does so for their own personal reason. But we
like to think it’s because it’s awesome!

A day at Commsverse 2021

What We Say

Microsoft MVP Tom Morgan talks to our organisers about our event and what it means to us

What our Attendees say

It is of paramount importance to us that our attendees gain massive value out of our event. Our sole purpose is to provide a fun and immersive experience for like-minded people to share and learn from each other and make new connections that can mature into great relationships!

Leading Vendors

We attract the best vendors in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem who come loaded with their wares and knowledge to help you get to know the products and solutions available on the market!

Organic Content

As we are a community event, we are able to reach out to professionals from around the world to source the most interesting and best value content our attendees want to hear. We aren’t a sales conference, we are a tech conference. All our sessions are designed to bring real-world, practical value so that everyone can take something from the event that could make a difference!


More than a Conference

We are more than just an exhibition hall and a bunch of breakout sessions. We are a premium event experience and being so focussed, we can offer a lot more to attendees with a purpose to attend! Not only do we provide you with food and drinks throughout the event or have the best swag on offer, we also provide an additional thrill by including some fun activities too!

Awesome Speakers

The Microsoft Teams Community is full of rockstars just like you! We pride ourselves on making contact with like-minded people who have a story to share that can benefit others. All our speakers are volunteers and share the same passion as we do. Therefore, you can be guaranteed to find pure, unbiased and real-world content that will beat any training session!

Karoliina Kettukari
Microsoft MVP

Karuana Gatimu
Principal Manager

Tom Arbuthnot
Microsoft MVP
Modality Systems

Ståle Hansen
Microsoft RD & MVP

Social Networking

Work Hard, Play Hard! finish Day 1 of the conference at our attendee social networking event with a free bar and access to fun activities including remote control car racing, F1 simulators and more…

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