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If you would like to exhibit at Commsverse then we would love to hear from you!

Are We Right For You?

An important part of a successful event is making sure that both the conference and the exhibitor are a good match for each other.

We are a Microsoft Teams technology conference. We attract a wide range of technically savvy professionals from both the Partner and End Customer Ecosystem. More often than not, our attendees want to see product based solutions that integrate with Microsoft Teams.

If you are a vendor or partner who have products that are certified or compatible with Microsoft Teams looking to showcase these to our attendee base, we are the event for you!

Event Vitals


Exhibitor Stands

We have a range of spaces available from 3 x 3m to 5 x 4m. Stand position selection included in all packages!



We have 25 and 45-minute sessions for attendees to participate in throughout the event. Some exhibition packages include either a 25-min session or 45-minutes



We attract high quality attendees from the UK and Europe who have a real interest in Microsoft Teams. Some will be IT Professionals (60%) from Microsoft Partners, others will be technical teams from end customers

96% turnout on tickets sold in 2021

Exhibition Floor

Our Exhibition floor is open plan with 1,000 sq ft floorspace located on the first floor of Mercedes-Benz World. We also serve all catering from this space, making it the focal point of the entire event!

We are much more than session rooms and exhibitions. We create a fun, high energy environment that offers wonderful opportunities to connect with people at a personal level.

Social Activities

Sponsor Levels

We have three levels of sponsorship for the event. Levels are tiered and provide a sliding scale of benefits



Our Headline Sponsorship is the highest level we offer. These come with the largest stands, 45-minute session and branding throughout the event



Our Gold Sponsorship offer the next highest level of benefits which include a medium sized stand with 25-minute session and video based digital advertising



Silver Sponsorship is our entry level offering. As a silver sponsor you benefit from the standard sized booth with all our base offerings with attendee engagement

We are a community conference. As part of this we welcome anyone with a vested interest in sharing technical knowledge. Typically we attract many Microsoft MVPs, Content Creators and Enthusiasts in a wide range of roles.

Based on our 2021 tickets sales, approximately 60% of people who bought a ticket came from IT Professional backgrounds from Microsoft Partners with job titles from “Consultant”, “Engineer”, “Manager” and “Architect”.

The remaining 40% came from end user IT departments with job titles containing “Manager”, “Owner”, “Engineer”, “Architect”. Approx 60% of these were considered to be a Business Decision Maker.

In 2022, we hope to increase this demographic to bring a more balanced attendee demographic that provides our exhibitors with opportunities.

Attendee Demographics


Our proposed floor plan for 2022. Exhibitors are able to choose their preferred space on a first come, first served basis

Commsverse 2022 Floorplan

Ready to Exhibit?

If you like the sound of Commsverse and you are interested in exhibiting, why not get in touch?

We are sold out of exhibitor spaces for 2022. Please check back later in the year for 2023

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