Offsetting our CO2 Footprint Commitment

Commsverse are pleased to announce a new commitment to our environment and planet by offsetting it’s Attendee Carbon Emissions each year.

Together, we face an extinction level event. Not by aliens, asteroids or solar flares, but by humans and our voracious appetite for carbon producing products. Emission free living is something of the future, but without change today, there will be no future.

We can all do our bit, many small changes can and do lead to big results given time. Our goal for our generation is to buy future generations time to solve the problem and to pioneer new technologies to help them achieve that.

We know that a lot of our attendees are becoming aware of the environment and taking steps within their lives to reduce their carbon footprint and today we announce our commitment to the environment and to our attendees.

Commsverse has donated 2,500 trees to Just One Tree. When planted, these trees will cover about half a hectare of land or the size of a football field. According to the National Trust website, one tree can absorb 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime. Commsverse will continue to donate at least the same every year in line with our in-person event.

Using the BP Target Neutral Carbon Calculator and some estimates, Commsverse 2021 was responsible for 37 tonnes of CO2

Planting 2,500 trees with the potential to absorb 2,500 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime potentially puts Commsverse into a Carbon negative position.

The donation was funded using the surplus revenue from our 2021 event from ticket sales. Therefore, our attendees have directly contributed towards this through their ticket purchases.

Our pledge to the environment will continue in the following ways:

  • Donate at least 2,500 trees per year to be planted using income directly sourced from attendee ticket sales
  • Use low-energy, recycled materials for attendee badges that are biodegradable
  • Provide transportation between designated hotels and the venue for communal commuting using low emission buses where possible
  • Offer package stand solutions to exhibitors to reduce shipping and courier transportation
  • Eliminate the use of plastics and other non-recyclable materials including swag
  • Record all sessions so that people from long distances can choose to attend virtually
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