2022 Keynote: The Thousand Year Decade with Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury, best known for hosting Channel 5’s The Gadget Show will be joining Commsverse this year at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge as the Keynote Speaker!

TV's Jason Bradbury to speak at annual dinner - East Midlands Chamber  (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

Delegates at Commsverse will be treated to a spectacular futures talk on the Thousand Year Decade. Jason will be talking about how we are going to witness a thousand years of innovation in the next 10 years and how this will improve the way we communicate, collaborate, work and live.

Delegates can expect to see and learn about how Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Robotics and Personalised Production which in the way they overlap and reinforce one another will drive a paradigm shift in how we think about things. Not just at work, but in all aspect of our lives.

Big data will get unimaginably big that it will come to serve requests previously unthought of. Combined with Augmented Reality which will hit mainstream use within the workplace within the next 5 years, we will see a shift toward reliance on voice activated controls rather than touch or screens.

This is going to be one awesome keynote that will really challenge how you think about communication and collaboration in the future. It will set the theme for the event around how we are going to adapt to hybrid work and the technology that is arriving soon to help us excel in this new environment.

Hybrid Work

As employees and employers adopt Hybrid Work as the standard operating model for their organisation there are going to be many mistakes that cost time and money. We are currently in version 1.0 of Hybrid Work and like with every first release, it will be full of bugs and glitches that will leave us feeling dismayed.

Version 1.0 although field tested throughout the pandemic in its beta adapted well, version 1.0 is still relatively new and untested for longevity. Whilst organisations have been able to find workarounds in beta, this is unsustainable as a future unless development and innovation continues fill the gaps found within Hybrid Work 1.0. The simple fact is there are no experts in Hybrid Work as it’s never really been a serious product until now. We are learning together to try new strategies and technology to find what works well. Hybrid Work 2.0 will be much more capable of sustaining the remote and flexible workforce.

Commsverse is this year focusing on Hybrid Work within the Workplace using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 as well as working best practices learnt by real people over the last 2.5 years. Our aim is to ignite your spark and innovation and encourage you to continue to evolve your Hybrid Workplace. Together we can make Hybrid Work 2.0 a much better release.

Technology is not the whole solution

As humans we rely on technology a lot. When we are challenged with a problem we look towards technology to solve it. While technology plays a very important role in the solution, it sometimes requires human skill to find the complete solution. An example of this is a Formula One pit crew. F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport innovation and technology. They need to change four tyres in 2-seconds or face losing track position and possibly the race. They have innovated their wheel nuts and wheel guns, pushed technology to the limits so it can operate with the limits. However, to perform as a team and achieve their target, they still need to humans to work with the technology. Using technology alone simply does not solve the problem.

This is the same with Hybrid Work. We can develop technology to solve the problem of being able to work effectively together as a team whilst individually separated. Microsoft Teams is a great example. However, unless people know how to use the technology and to extract the very best performance from themselves and the technology, the problem of Hybrid Work is not going to be solved.

We must all invest in ourselves and team, structure, practice, involvement and learn to operate as a team in harmony with the technology. We must all embrace it, challenge our perceptions and mindsets and be open to solving the problem in the most efficient way. Through practice, we will become one with the technology and be that Formula One pit crew.

A large part of Commsverse is to provide a platform for people to share their experiences working from home, the office and with technology. What works well for them and what didn’t. Our goal is to allow our delegates to learn from each other and empower them to introduce change within their team or organisation for the better.

What to Expect

At Commsverse we are passionate about Hybrid Work and Microsoft Teams. We spend our lives transforming businesses and empowering them to use Microsoft Teams. We create an event that we are proud of and would love to attend. Everyone who attends Commsverse, whether you are an exhibitor, speaker or delegate are treated as friends with a warm welcome and a smile.

We are not the average trade show. Our advantage of being small and niche means that we can focus our energy on making sure that you are well catered for. We curate the best Hybrid Work content available in the World from Speakers that have lived through real life experiences who want to share these with you. They are volunteers, they are not paid speakers. They willingly devote their personal time and expense to speak to you.

This means that you can be sure that their session and content is honest and real. No sales or fluff material. Just pure honest experiences shared.

We have excellent relationships with vendors who exhibit with us. They too are passionate about Hybrid Work, Microsoft Teams and the IT Community. They support us incredibly well and are as excited as we are to be at Commsverse. Our vendor only exhibition floor is full of the latest gadgets and technology within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. You’ll be able to get hands on with the latest devices such as Microsoft Teams Room Systems, Phones, Headsets and more!

Winner of the Racing Competition

There is a lot going on at Commsverse, so you will need to keep refreshed. Included within your ticket price is all food and drinks at the event so you will never need to pay for anything while enjoying the event. We also hire the venue attractions so you can let your hair down, network and relax in an informal, intimate setting. You are treated like a VIP, because you are our VIPs!

When, Where, How

Commsverse 2022 will be held at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge, UK on June 29th & 30th

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