ROGER365 – The Customer Engagement Hub for Microsoft Teams

Interview with has been integrating customer services into Microsoft Teams for the past 2 years starting with social media integration to allow agents to support their business customers using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Now, ROGER365 have released their voice contact center for Microsoft Teams which is targeted at the mid-range market.

ROGER365 is uniquely placed to help customers that are looking for more than what native Teams Auto Attendants and Call Queues can provide, but also don’t require high-end requirements.

ROGER365 is split into four different components. The Contact Center product is responsible for managing the inbound and outbound call flows including IVR, Call Recording and Skills Based Routing. The calling agent for the customer services agents is delivered by the ROGER365 Microsoft Teams App available in the App store. Reporting capabilities delivered through PowerBi interface. For business integration requirements, the use of APIs to interface with your line of business applications including the Microsoft Power Platform. Contact Center

ROGER365 is completely cloud based with its infrastructure hosted in Microsoft Azure it fits well into business IT security models.

What stands out between ROGER365 and other contact center products is their heritage in social messaging integration. From what we have seen with traditional Microsoft UC contact center products is that their heritage originates from the voice channel and are only just getting into the social media contact center space. For businesses who conduct their primary customer support over social media, ROGER365 is worth a serious look.

Reporting Available through the ROGER365 Teams App
Agent Calling App natively in Teams

In terms of pricing, ROGER365 offer three tiers of subscriptions. Basic, Business and Enterprise. The customer pays a monthly price per queue which is different to some competitors that charge per agent or per feature. Personally, I am a fan of a simplified pricing model that is predictable month by month so charging per queue is a refreshing model to see.

Out of the box on the basic subscription you get a lot of features to enable your business to get up and running with a contact centre product. Setup can be completed within a couple of hours and ROGER365 offer a free 14-day trial for you to assess the product against your requirements. However, if you require supervisor controls or Power Platform Integration, the Business subscription is where you should look.

Moving into the social messaging side of ROGER365 the model changes from a per queue, to per conversation licensing model. Each subscription comes with a number of conversations per year starting from 1,500 up to 15,000 with additional top-ups being available.

WebChat with CRM Integrations
Integrating Microsoft Teams with WhatsApp

According to Social Media Today, 67% of consumers now use social media networks to seek a solution to their issue. Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore these channels anymore. To do so could be potentially damaging to the brand and future business if issues are not dealt with immediately.

To understand the scale and consumer demand for social media based customer service, check out this report from MaybeTech.

Being able to chat with customers using the communication tools they use daily in their personal lives improves customer happiness that leads to more engaging support conversations. In addition, customers can enrich their queries with pictures, voice and video to help the customer support agent understand their issue and provide the correct support.

ROGER365 will be at Commsverse this year showcasing their social and voice contact center for Microsoft Teams. Why not stop by their stand and check them out! They have an interesting play in a congested market that could be what you are looking for!

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