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An interview with Mark Armstrong, Director at Code Software

With the proliferation of Microsoft Teams and hybrid working it has now become more important than ever for organisations to understand how their employees use Microsoft Teams. Not specifically for personal performance tracking, but to fully understand and appreciate the productivity effectiveness of the organisation that has a geo-diverse employee population.

Microsoft have some reporting capabilities baked into Teams through the Teams Admin Center, Call Quality Dashboard and with the assistance of some free PowerBi templates, organisations can understand, at least at high level the effectiveness of Teams within their organisation. However, for many, the built in reporting is not at a level they need.

Microsoft’s strategy has always been to provide a quick winning product where speed to market is key. However, the true power of the data becomes available through APIs within Microsoft Graph. Microsoft make this available to customers inclusive of their Enterprise Licensing but requires them to build their own reporting front end. For those without the time or resource, this is where Code Software can help.

Code Software have been in the Microsoft UC Analytics space since the release of Microsoft Lync Server. They have years of experience in understanding the data that Microsoft collects and presenting this to customers through an interactive reporting solution called Clobba.

Clobba is really a suite of apps that all work together to provide reporting and administration capabilities to organisations that are looking for more automation and delegation of certain admin tasks to end customers.

Clobba Reporting & Analytics

The core analytics solution from Code Software, Clobba Reporting & Analytics lets customer dig deep into their Microsoft Teams usage on a per person or team basis. Understand call volume, identify productivity bottlenecks and under utilisation of features such as Calling Plans to help you optimise and focus costs.

Clobba Queue Manager

A growing requirement in the Teams UC ecosystem is the demand from Team Leaders to manage their Auto Attendants and Call Queues without the intervention of IT Admins. Clobba Queue Manager allows IT Admins to delegate edit permissions to Team Leaders to manage only the auto attendants & call queues they control.

Clobba Real Time Wallboards

Microsoft have now released the required APIs that allow real time wallboards to be a reality for native Microsoft Teams Call Queues. With Clobba Real Time Wallboards, Contact Center Managers can now see exactly how their contact center is performing at any given time.

Clobba VR overview

Clobba Voice Recorder

Clobba Voice Recorder integrates with the call recording APIs with Microsoft Teams to record voice calls for those conversations that need a level of compliance. Clobba Voice Recorder can store your voice recordings in your own Azure subscription that makes sure you retain full control over your voice recording data.

Clobba MT
Clobba Collab Manager

Clobba Collab Manager allows organisations to evaluate Teams adoption throughout business units. It can help you identify teams that require additional support and help optimise costs and target investments in the right areas.

Finally a solution to manager all your Microsoft Teams numbers, whether they are Calling Plan, Operator Connect or Direct Routing numbers. Clobba Range Manager allows IT Admins to keep an up to date complete list of allocated and free numbers within the organisation. What’s more, Range Manager allows IT Admins to provision straight from Range Manager.

Clobba Device Manager

In partnership with Jabra, EPOS and Poly, Device Manager allows IT Admins to keep firmware of headsets consistent and also track usage of certified devices within the organisation

From this extensive suite of tools, organisations can finally understand their Teams usage and manage their environment effectively. The Clobba Suite does not have to be purchased altogether, simply pick the apps within the suite you want to use.

Find out more about Code Software at Commsverse this June where they will be demoing their Clobba Suite for Microsoft Teams!

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